Entertainment Personified with HP Pavillion P7-1126 Desktops

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Entertainment Personified with HP Pavillion P7-1126 Desktops

HP has been introducing newer models both to their laptop range and the PC range. With each of the new additions HP is trying to increase the quality and features to a higher notch. Till now the company has been very successful in doing that.

HP Pavilion p7-1126 desktop is a feature packed moderately priced device that can be used by home and business users alike. The specs are high enough to satisfy needs of both the category. The design of the desktop includes glossy black covers and black aluminum chassis. The design looks very beautiful and professional looking. A LED light at the front cover turns blue-white color when the system is turned on and it turns orange when the system is in sleep mode. The dimensions of the device are 15.28 x 6.89 x 16.14 inches (h x w x l) .The sliding cover in the front of the case houses the USB ports and the audio jack. Two USB ports are present in front. A DVD-RW drive is also present in the front portion along with a card slot.

Pavilion p7 1126 model desktop’s back side consists of four USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports adding to a total of eight USB ports. A microphone jack and audio in and out slot is situated along with an Ethernet port. The notable feature is that the device comes with Wi-Fi support so there is no need for adding additional gadgetry to access wireless internet. The Wi-Fi version in it is 802.11n.

This HP Pavilion p7 desktop model works using AMD quad –core A8-3800 accelerated processor. It has a clock speed of 2.4 GHz. The desktop comes with a whopping 1TB hard disk that revolves at 7200 revolutions per minute and 6GB RAM. That is more than enough to store your complete music and video collection and even then there will be a lot of space left. The graphics card in it is AMD RadeonTM HD 6550D DX11.This powerful graphic cards combined with 6 GB’s of RAM is enough for any type of graphic specific applications or any high definition games. This is a welcoming news to all those gamers out there who would like to squeeze out maximum amount of entertainment from there home pc or who would like to have a desktop intended for gaming and other CPU-intensive tasks.

The hard drive is loaded with features like Zya music, e reader and roxio media players. HP has integrated Beats audio into the device offering premium quality sound to the users. If you pair a Beats headphone with HP Pavilion p7 desktop you will get the ultimate movie and audio experience. It also offers high definition audio output with up to 7.1 surround sound capabilities. This makes HP desktop a definite entertainment central.

HP Pavilion p7 1126 desktop is priced at about Rs. 30; 000.This is not a very high price to be paid for a device having such a rich spec list. Couple the desktop with a high resolution LED display and a TV card and you would get a complete entertainment and business package.

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