Eurocom Monster gaming laptop with Kepler GPU and Ivy Bridge

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Eurocom Monster gaming laptop with Kepler GPU and Ivy Bridge

Eurocom Monster is another gaming laptop being launched with Ivy Bridge processors boosting up the gaming efficiency. The kepler GPU is yet another interesting element of this gaming laptop from Eurocom which improvises the gaming effects. The Windows (7) OS will give a powerful base for enjoying advanced gaming options. This is one of the gaming laptops with the largest display screen, hence the name monster fits in well. 

Eurocom Monster measures 1.46 x 8.15 x 11.3 in and weighs 3.96 lb making it convenient for storage purposes and for transportation. The laptop features an 11.6 inches backlit Led LCD with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. Backlit keyboard always helps to increase the speed if input entry. There are options to customize the display to matte or glossy screen finish.

The laptop is powered with Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7-3920XM processor which offers the gamers with an ultimate level of operating efficiency. They have customization options to choose even Sandy Bridge processors to meet their budget constraints, if any. A modular laptop giving enough options to customize or standardize may be ideal. 

The processor can be over clocked safely to a 3.8GHz. The operating speed of this laptop is complimented with DDR3-1600 RAM of 16GB. The NVIDIA GT 650M graphics offers impressive gaming effects running at 850MHz. The VGA Technology with this laptop offers notable efficiency with reasonable power consumption. The standard secondary storage offered by this Eurocom Monster includes SSD of 240GB, hybrid drive of 750GB and HDD of 1TB. 

Eurocom Monster can be referred to as a business laptop also as it flexibly supports working as a portable server and can run multiple VMs of Linux and Windows. This laptop successfully works with engineering apps which are said to be high-end like MatLab, as well. As with similar laptops, it features several port options for flexible connectivity including USB, HDMI, Mic, VGA etc. Wireless connectivity with WLAN and Bluetooth is also possible. With a 62.16WH battery, operating time of up to 410 minutes is possible. 

There is no information concerning the pricing details of the Eurocom Monster. 

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