Killer Hacks: Do These 10 Things to Extend the Life of your Laptop or Computer!

    People who love the modern Juke Box - The Computer will understand that you always don't need to spend exorbitant sums of money to improve the experience on your Computer. There are several hacks or Jugaads that can help you improve your the time spent on this machine. The computer performs better with this and your work and play can get more productive. 

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    These 10 Computer Hacks will help you to make the most of your Desktop PC or Laptop.


    Use a Keyboard Cleaner to clean your keyboard. This will keep your keyboard very hygienic and help your type better.


    If you are using an older browser, then upgrade your browser to the latest version. Also installing HTML 5 version will get your videos to play faster and make them look cooler.


    You really don't need to use amplifiers. You can use cardboard paper or attach cylindrical cups to make amplify the sound in your speaker. You can also use funky speakers like these.


    While Laptops can get heated up, you can use a laptop cooler. If the laptop cooler is not something you are looking at, you can put a real cooler pack having ice in it. This is one way, but don't try to fight with women.


    Always use keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are good way to cut your way through clicking too much


    Install extensions on your Chrome Browser, to make things easier. There are hundreds of Chrome browser extensions that will make things easier.


    Your Computer can become heavy if there are too many files. You can keep essential files and folders on your computer and move the heavy files to an External Drive.


    Un-organised Computer cords means that things are too cluttered. It is better to organize your computer cords & cables. Keeping them in their places to avoid trips, falls or that your plug comes off.


    CCleaner is free to download. You can use CCleaner on your PC to erase history, old files and cache.This will speed up your PC.


    Licensed antivirus costs up to Rs 500 in India. Licensed Antivirus will help you to fight viruses that might infect your PC

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