Asus AIO Gives An Advantage Of Larger Screen Over Laptops: Dinesh Sharma, Asus India


Asus recently launched a range of all-in-one or AIO PCs in India, with a starting price of just Rs. 25,000. With working-from-home and learning-from-home being the new norm, how does getting an AIO instead of a desktop or a laptop makes sense? Who is the targeted audience for an AIO, given, laptops have become much more affordable over the last few years? I had many such questions.

Asus AIO Gives An Advantage Of Larger Screen Over Laptops

Recently, I had an opportunity to interact with Dinesh Sharma, Business Head, Commercial PC and Smartphone, System Business Group, ASUS India post the launch of Asus AIO PCs in India, and was able to clarify a lot of things about the Asus AIO, and how the brand is positioning these devices in India.

The first question that I asked Dinesh is about privacy? How doesn't an AIO compromise on privacy, given, it has a much bigger screen? To this question, Dinesh told that, no, as there is an option to install a privacy guard when using in the office, and when the same device is used at home, amongst the trusted people, it is safer to use, which is the major use case for an AIO.

When I asked if the COVID-19 lockdown has created a market for products like Asus AIO, Dinesh said yes and no, emphasizing that, there is a good demand for a PC of this form factor. He said that the main use for a product like Asus AIO is someone like children or parents, who might use a product of this kind, as it comes with a larger display and it also eliminates a requirement for television where the Asus AIO is located.

He continued that the Asus AIO comes with features like the two-way HDMI Port, which means, one can connect a Google Chromecast or an Amazon Firestick to make this into a smart TV with ease.


I also felt that the Asus AIO is missing some features such as a USB Type-C port and SD card slot, to this question, Dinesh did give a hint that the upcoming iteration of the Asus AIO "might" come with these features. However, as of now, there is no information on when these upgraded products might hit the market.

Dinesh further said that Asus AIO is a good product for home use cases, as it helps to offer more features on a single product with a minimalistic design, and the product also comes with a wireless keyboard and a mouse in the retail package. According to Dinesh, the Asus AIO is truly an all-in-one product, and there is also a demand for a product of this kind.

Before this interaction, I actually used the Asus AIO for a couple of weeks, and I can definitely vouch for the most things that Dinesh Sharma said about the Asus AIO. If you are looking a build a PC or get a laptop, which will be shared amongst the users, then, getting an AIO instead of a PC or a laptop does make a lot of sense.

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