Building your first PC: Here are some best online tools and guide

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Building a PC is a bit difficult process where careful selection of delicate parts was a necessity. In fact, assembling PC is pretty easy and straightforward once you’ve sorted out with parts list. In an attempt to help out new PC builders and enthusiasts, we have compiled a list of guidelines to help you make sure that process goes as smoothly.

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This is one of the best websites to pick your computer parts. You can use this tool to search for parts like a processor or motherboard, whereas you can also search for other parts that go hand in hand with other parts of your build.

To help those who have no idea, it also has built-in price comparisons and alerts. Moreover, it also includes finished builds with pre-selected components and guides on how to assemble them. So make sure you've bookmarked this website.

PC Building Simulator

This one lets you build an entire PC, with licensed parts, perfect renders, and correct spaces. Actually, it is the way you need to go through while building a PC both virtually/really. Additionally, you also need to see if all the parts are compatible with each other digitally and physically, without exchanging or buying an extra piece of hardware. But the sad news here is that it will be available online from January 2018.


As we all know, Youtube can help us in this process, if we find a right video at the right channel. You can find lots of videos at various stage of your computer building. Also, every video will be detailed and easy to grasp for beginners.


In fact, this is not the tool to help you build the system but tracks the pricing and let you know when to buy the part you're looking for. You can also integrate some alert tools so that it notifies instantly when something goes on sale.

If you are building general PC or gaming PC, this website will help you pick the best parts that fit right into your budget. If you are not sure about your PC configuration, they have put some pre-configured budget and gaming PCs for you. Also, you can check out the Rigs created by other users to get you an idea.

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