Everything you need to know about cache file

A cache is like a block of memory for temporary storage of data likely to be used again.

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You might have come across an instance, where you might search and delete the cache file in order to speed up your system. However, have you ever wondered what exactly is cache? Or ever thought about what exactly is its use?

Everything you need to know about cache file

And infact there can be many more questions that you can think of, like does this occupy space in your system? So what is this cache exactly? What are the issues involved with this? Well, we have done some research too and have come up with this article to help you better understand the term and its functionality.

So let's begin.

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What is Cache?

These days most of the browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer temporarily store files on your computer when you visit websites. The browsers store a range of files including HTML files, CSS style sheets, JavaScript scripts and much more.

So basically, a cache is a software component in these web browsers that stores data so future requests for that data can be served faster. The data stored in a cache might be the result of an earlier computation, or the duplicate of data stored elsewhere.

To put it in more simple terms, cache is like a block of memory for temporary storage of data likely to be used again.

Uses of Cache?

The cache file which is stored in your system will help you in loading the website faster as you've visited before. However, certain content can be taken directly from the system itself, instead of pulling it from the server hosting the website. Cache might come handy when you go through a slow Internet connection.

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Clearing Cache

One of the problems that cache causes is, it takes up a considerate amount of space on your system's memory. This might be waste of resource sometimes. However, you can always clear the cache memory in order to free up some space.

We have provided some steps on how you can easily clear the cache memory on the two most popular browsers in the computing space.


Google Chrome

In order to clear the cache, click Tools menu>History>Clear browsing data>Clear cache image and files.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Firefox then you need to click on settings menu>go to History>find Clear Recent history tab>Check Cache>and press Clear Now tab.

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