Exclusive: How Dell Manages To Keep Desktop Relevant In Today’s World Of Mobile Computing?


Dell has officially launched its latest all-in-one PC -- the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra in India that can be configured with the latest Intel processors and up to 64GB RAM. This PC also offers features like multi-monitor connectivity and also offers supports future upgrades.

Exclusive: How Dell Manages To Keep Desktop Relevant In Today’s World


We had a chance to interact with Vivekanand Manjeri, Brand Director, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies and asked some of the queries that we had with regards to the brand and its products and here are the responses for the same.

1. Who Is This Targeted To In The Enterprise Segment And Why?

At Dell, we have segmented workforce under five broad profiles and offer technology and solutions based on the specific requirements of these profiles. These are desktop-centric workers, corridor workers, mobile workers, field workers, and creative workers. A 2017 industry landscape by IDC showed that - most commercial desktops were being used for non-compete intensive general office tasks where system responsiveness was more important than sustained performance. With these factors in mind, the Optiplex 7070 Ultra is rightly targeted at desk-centric workers as it offers maximum use of desk space, improves employee productivity, and helps reduces IT investment.

2. What's The USP Of This Product And How Is This Offering Better Than A Typical PC?


The top three USPs of the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is what makes it a unique offering when compared to a typical PC:

· It is the world’s first zero-footprint PC that hides the PC in the monitor stand and leaves no footprint on the desk

· Its clutter-free design uses a single cable to charge both the display unit and the compute module. It helps take away unnecessary wires from the PC and the desk while allowing for smooth collaboration and getting the best out of the existing real estate

· It is the world’s most flexible commercial desktop solution and allows customers to upgrade their display and PC separately

3. What Is The One Pain Point That A User Faces A Lot With PCs And Does This Solve That Issue?

According to 'The Rise of the Micro PC. A Custom Technology Adoption Profile Commissioned by Dell, February 2017, we observed a few interesting data points.

  • Greater than 85% of customers want the ability to upgrade their display separately from the computer
  • Displays are updated far less often than the compute. There could be as many as 3-4 revs on the compute before the display is replaced making the total cost of ownership of AIO unaffordable for many clients
  • More than 54% of customers cite messy cabling and clutter as a concern when deploying PCs

These observations showcase why a traditional All-in-One desktop is not an option for most customers. They need designs that are space-saving and aesthetically pleasing yet without compromising on upgradeability and power. Based on insights from customers and industry, Dell designed the Optiplex 7070 Ultra that addresses most of these pointers and offers the right solution.

4. Availability; Is It Available On Both Online And Offline?

Indian customers can reach Dell directly via our sales channels

5. Is This Product Secure And What Are The Key Implementations That Make It A Secure One?

Dell offers the most secure business PCs in the market with industry-leading physical security features for protection against tampering and theft, as well as Dell’s proprietary security products for threat detection and protection. In the Optiplex 7070 Ultra, Dell provides a K-lock slot, security screw, and chassis intrusion switch for enhanced safety. Additionally, customers can also avail Dell Data Protection solutions designed to help protect end-user data wherever it goes, making it easy to centrally manage endpoint security and compliance.

6. What Will Be The Life Cycle Of This Product (Will It Be Refreshed Annually?)

Yes, as per the regular process refresh cycles that the industry undertakes every year!

7. How Does Dell Manage To Keep Desktop Relevant In Today’s World Of Mobile Computing?

The PC industry has come a long way from the traditional tower desktops, Micro PCs, All-in-Ones and now Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF) and each desktop category caters to the different needs of a specific end-user segment in the modern workplace environment. Indian organizations are opting for different form factors of desktop PCs based on end-user profiles and specific workloads. We see particular interest in desktops in industries where a desktop is a primary computing device, such as BFSI, BPO, R&D, government, education to name a few. Factors like data security, space-saving design, improved efficiency and larger displays, flexibility to upgrade the system, parallel processing, and multiple display support, make desktop the best choice for these industries.

Dell has been in the business of desktops with the OptiPlex range of PCs for the past 26 years. OptiPlex has powered businesses across industries with innovation, pushing industry standards every time. We understand that the next generation of innovative form factors and versatile accessories will help unleash the potential of workforce, and we are invested in the form factor innovation. Over the last 26 years, we’ve seen the needs of the workplace evolve and so have we. We see a large demand from our customers for desktop devices and we will continue to innovate in the space to give them what they need to be productive and secure. With the launch of Optiplex 7070 Ultra, we have set a new benchmark in the enterprise desktop segment by launching the world’s most compatible, fully modular zero footprint and clutter-free desktop solution.

8. What Are The Top Trends In The Commercial Desktop Segment, And Which Are The Segments That Are Growing?

According to IDC forecasts, globally and in India, the small and ultra-small form factors are the fastest-growing segment of commercial desktops, as they offer an ideal solution to maximizing desk space without compromising on power. The Micro PC chassis comes at a volume of 1.2L, while the Ultra PC without stand has a dimension of 27.74 * 96.1 * 256.2 (h x w x d) mm. We are seeing large enterprise / IT / ITES adopting the newer form factors.

9. How Does Dell Differentiate Itself From Its Competitors When It Comes To AIOs And Ultra Small Form Factors?

The Dell Optiplex 7070 Ultra is not an AIO. It is a new mainstream desktop that has applicability beyond where AIOs are used today.

We at Dell have been studying the modular AIO’s and smaller PC concepts for many years. We are now at a time where the customer requirements and available technology have aligned to enable a completely new class of PC, such as the ultra-small form factor. Understanding the pain points of customers, and working backward to develop a technology and design marvel such as the Optiplex 7070 Ultra that literally “hides the PC in plain sight” is what sets Dell truly apart from the competitors.

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