10 Important Things to Consider Before You Decide to Invest in Mini PC

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Having a mini PC can be beneficial for a person who wants hates to keep a large box that takes up more space than a monitor. A mini PC has the compact design and power enough to do to everyday tasking.

So what are on your checklist when you decide to buy a mini PC. Read on to find out.

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Assembled or not


Mini PCs can come either without the hard disk or RAM installed. Or you can get a ready to use model. If you have an older PC lying around, choosing the former would be better as you can reuse some of the components.

Peripherals needed


No matter which model you select, you will need to get a mouse, keyboard, and external display. None of those come with the mini PC, and you again can use the same peripherals from your old desktop. In case you decide to start over again, a display with an HDMI compatibility would be preferable. When it comes to a mouse and keyboard, ensure that they have a USB cable at the end.

Upgradable or not?


The components of a mini PC cannot all be upgraded. The CPU remains the same, however, and you can upgrade only the RAM and hard disks. Getting a better chipset on your first purchase would be a great choice.

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RAM type


So when we say that the RAM can be upgraded, it should be noted that mini PCs support laptop RAMs and not the ones used for desktop PCs.

Hard drive specs


Mini PCs support two types of hard drives within its core. An M.2 flash storage and 2.5-inch SSD or HDD.

M.2 flash storage devices look like a stretched out RAM memory and do not have the same capacities as traditional hard disks.

CPU specs


Even though you can't upgrade the CPU of a mini PC, it would be advisable to buy one that runs on an AMD processor. The AMD processor is known to sport better performance and graphic quality on mini PCs.

Avoid gaming


Yes, we mentioned that graphics quality is great. But it isn't so great for gamers. The mini PCs are best made for productivity and other entertainment media like movies. Since it does not have a dedicated graphic card, things are not so sweet in the gaming category.

Linux please


Mini PCs available on the market do support Windows. But to take things to a smooth performance, it is always recommended to run Linux on it. There is no problem running Windows 10, but not all Mini PCs will come with Windows pre-installed.

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Compact and mountable


The reason mini PCs became a hit was because of its small size and the number of connectivity options you get on the PC. It so happens that if the mini PC is of the perfect size, you can mount it behind your TV out of sight, or even keep it displayed on the wall.

Future models?


If you decide to wait for the next models that come out in the market, you will be surprised to see that mini PCs are updated more frequently. You will be left waiting for the 'perfect time' for quite a long duration.

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