LG’s Ultrawide Gaming Monitors deliver unparalleled PC gaming experience

LG 34UC79G and LG29UM69 offer a huge unhindered field of view which dual monitors and even multi-screen layouts cannot achieve.

    Ultrawide gaming monitors are undoubtedly the future of gaming and productivity. They offer much more immersive visual experience than the standard 16:9 aspect ratio monitors and even the multi-screen setups. The traditional 16:9 aspect ratio monitors can't justify and deliver the kind of graphics performance that the new 21:9 ultrawide screens offer. Once you have shifted to ultrawide screens, there's no going back because you'll be spoiled for all other monitors in the market. Even the sharpest ones will seem inadequate to your needs once you step into the world of ultra wide screens.

    LG’s Ultrawide Gaming Monitors deliver unparalleled gaming experience

    For individual gamers, the ultrawide screens are nothing short of a gateway into a world full of fantasy and stunning visuals. These wide displays offer a huge unhindered field of view which dual monitors and even multi-screen layouts cannot achieve. If you are an avid gamer but still stuck on the standard 16:9 aspect ratio monitors, you are missing a whole lot of exciting things in the world of serious gaming. To step up your gaming experience, you really need to experience what the ultra wide gaming monitors has to offer.

    Let's find out what makes ultrawide monitors the best bet for gamers and how LG, the pioneer in the display market is producing the best ultrawide monitors.

    Ultrawide monitors: For bigger and better gaming experience

    Gaming is all about immersive visuals. For years the world has witnessed tremendous development in the standard 16:9 aspect ratio displays, but they are just not sufficient as per today's gaming standards. To match the requirements of today's visually stunning games and graphics, you need an ultrawide display with the latest technology embedded into it.

    Ultrawide displays offer much wider field of view and let you see more content during the gameplay. The enhanced vision with ultrawide displays let you see more of the gaming content that you never knew was there in the game. Moreover, the ultrawide displays with wider field-of-view also give you an advantage over opponents that are playing games with a 16:9 monitor.


    LG 34UC79G and 29UM6: Perfect for big screen serious gameplay

    LG 34UC79G is one such monitor in the Ultrawide displays category. The company's latest AH-IPS Ultrawide display is capable of a 144Hz refresh rate and comes with a pixel popping resolution of 2560 x 1080p pixels. The 34-inches screen has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and wide aspect ratio of 21:9. The IPS panel covers a wide spectrum of 16.7 million colors and allows 8-bit color reproduction. You can adjust the height and tilt the screen as per your requirement to have a comfortable big screen gaming experience right in your living room. The wide screen monitor has a VRR (variable refresh rate) of 50-144Hz, Which can be overclocked to 165 Hz. A higher refresh rate improves the visual output as it allows the monitor to display twice (even more in the case of LG monitors) the information as what you get with the standard 60 Hz refresh rate.

    Next in the list is LG 29UM69, the 29-inch 21:9 Ultrawide gaming monitor which comes with a Full HD IPS screen. The 29-inch panel also covers a wide spectrum of 16.7 million colors and has a refresh rate of 75Hz and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The monitor comes with multiple pictures mode- Custom, Reader, Photo, Camera, etc. and comes with a detachable base with tilt support.

    Both the monitors from LG support 1ms Motion Blur Reduction, Adaptive Sync Technology and advanced gaming features. You also get on-Screen control with Screen Split 2.0 with the monitors. Let's find out what these ultrawide screens have to offer in terms of technology and more than just the flagship specifications.


    LG’s ultrawide monitors: Cutting edge display technologies for immersive gaming

    While we have several ultrawide monitors in the market, LG's wide screens offer the best combination of latest display technologies required for immersive gameplay. The LG ultrawide monitors come equipped with Adaptive Sync Technology that balances the rate of frame transfer between graphics card's frame rate and monitors refresh rate by synchronizing the number of frames. This prevents the unwanted higher input lag that can hamper the overall gaming experience. And while the input lag is not entirely unavoidable in nature, it can be minimized to a great level with FreeSync technology for a tear-free gaming experience.

    The monitors without the Sync technology are not actually suitable for gaming and high-end graphical intensive tasks. They do not feel responsive and are often affected by slower and lower response time that causes blur, tearing and stuttering. With LG Ultrawide monitors, you will not face such issues as the monitors are especially designed to cut down the input lag for a smooth stutter and rear-free gaming experience. With LG's high-end ultrawide monitors, things will not go out of sync while you tune in to most demanding gameplay sessions.

    1ms Motion Blur Reduction and 144Hz refresh rate for unstoppable smooth game play

    A monitor's response time is very critical for a smooth game play which is enhanced while 1ms Motion Blur Reduction is ON. With the featured activated, LG's ultrawide screens will help you attain the precision and skill needed to play at high level gaming sessions. The cutting edge technology produces a black image insertion with backlight blinking effect which reduces motion blur during the intensive gaming sessions. The technology makes the graphics smoother by cutting down the blurring and ghosting during the fast paced game plays. This results in precise gamers' reactions and let you response quickly during an intense car chase or a fighting sequence in an ongoing game.

    The games you play on the LG 34UC79G with a 144Hz refresh rate seems noticeably smoother when compared to monitors with lower refresh rates. The cherry on the cake is 1ms Motion blur reduction and Adaptive Sync technology that works in synchronization to deliver an optimized and immersive gaming experience. The monitors that lack these features don't stand a chance against the LG's latest ultrawide displays.

    Be the first to attack with DAS Mode turned on

    The monitors also come with DAS- Dynamic Action Sync mode that allows instant attack methods without experiencing any delays. The mode synchronizes gamers' senses with real-time scenes happening in a fast-paced game by minimizing input lag.

    See the hidden details during dark scene with Black Stabilizer technology

    Last but not the least, the monitors also feature Black Stabilizer technology that quickly optimizes monitor settings to reveal superior detail in dark scenes. With the feature turned on, the monitor's screens keep visibility intact even in dark scenes. The technology comes handy in action games where monitor senses dark scenes and helps make it brighter to avoid any fatal damage to your character during an enemy chase or a fast paced fighting sequence.

    Experience flagship features in affordable price-point

    While the above mentioned LG ultrawide monitors offer best-in-class gaming experience, the same can also be experienced with the company's affordable yet feature packed monitors. The range comprises of LG 24GM79 and LG24MP59G gaming monitors. These monitors also feature the above mentioned technologies such as 1ms Motion Blur Reduction, DAS Mode, Black Stabilizer and multiple Game Mode to offer lag free supreme game play. These displays come a wide spectrum of 16.7 million colors and have a contrast ratio of 1000:1. As far as connectivity is concerned, you get HDMI port, display port and USB 3.0 port.


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