Make the most out of MS Paint

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The well known MS Paint has more tools than you think apart from helping you with drawing and coloring. In fact, the MS Paint can be used to draw, color and edit pictures, including imported pictures from a camera as well.

Make the most out of MS Paint

Apart from this, it also has the ability to add text, lines, and shapes. Also included are an eraser, magnifier, and fill color tools. Today, we have jotted down some of the use cases of MS Paint. Do swirl through.

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Image resize

If you want to resize the image quickly, you can just do it with paint. You can do it by just opening the Paint and click the Resize button and tweak it. Moreover, you can save the file in any format available.


Precise Editing

If you want to align things perfectly in your file, you can always use paint. Under the View -> Gridlines, you can align things perfectly.

Good editing tools

MS paint always has some good editing tools out of which you can fix a red-eye issue, remove things from the background, Zoom in the picture, clean it up and much more.

Image positioning

Some times when we transfer the image, we tend to get it not in the right position. In this case, you can quickly change it by heading on to paint. With the help of image rotation, you can change the position of the image.

Image formats

You can change formats of the file from MS Paint easily without any hassles. In case, if you want to turn a GIF file into JPG, you can do it by copy pasting the file in Paint and save it in a JPG.

Color Replacer

In fact, in MS Paint, you can replace one color by another with the help of Eraser tool. Yes! All you need to do is to choose the Eraser Tool and the color you want to replace it with.

Brush sizes

In MS Paint you get varieties of brushes -- micro, xxxx-small, and xxx-small. You can even make it larger/smaller using the CTRL and +/- symbols.

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