Top 10 Silliest Tech Problems Those Have Actually Happened!

    Tech support is a demanding task and everyday tech support professionals have to deal with customers that range from intelligent to outright alien to technical knowledge.

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    A big headache for every tech expert, the users that are out of touch with technology usually come up with frustrating and yet laughable questions that baffle the professionals.

    Here are the top 10 silliest and weirdest user errors that actually happened and whose solutions were asked from experts.

    Just turn it off and then on again

    One of the most common solutions to tech queries across the world is switching off the computer and rebooting it. Tech support professionals are all geared up with relevant software to help customers but most of time, they are just pretending to sound technical and are instead asking users to reboot their system, which solves the problem.

    Time settings

    A user has a rigid virus or malware stuck onto his PC, or so it seems, and nothing from running antivirus to even resetting the computer has worked for him. Then you realize, probably changing the time on the machine would be a good remedy. The user changes the time from the Control Panel, and IT'S SOLVED.

    Permission issues

    Handling one's own computer is the best thing to judge what went wrong. But things become troublesome when other members of office staff mess up the situation by installing or modifying the software on every user's computer. This messes up the tech support team's schedule and they are on computers the whole day, it's not that they are on anything else anyway.

    The desktop is full

    Imagine you are a tech support professional and you get a call saying, "My desktop is full of icons, what to do?'. You might be perplexed at first as to how did a casual user fill up his hard drive storage with few Office documents. Then it hits in, you are dealing with average people and not automatic hardware. The user probably has filled up his entire desktop with unnecessary folders. Just make him transfer them into the Documents folder.

    The spreadsheet isn’t big enough

    Due to Excel's widespread usage in offices and the complexity of the software, spreadsheet complaints often frequent the tech support desks. Some user receives a spreadsheet via mail and she is unable to ‘view' it properly. Why is that? Well, she hasn't maximized the window to show full screen.

    Case of the mysterious window

    Window can mean a lot of things in the computer world, or the actual world for that matter. It could be a dialog box on the PC, the operating system of the computer or even the big transparent thing in your room. That last thing is absurd, you might say. But, it is true that a closed window can act as a deterrent against WiFi signals reaching your computer.

    Audio output has disappeared

    In places like a music studio or a radio station, everything is fine when audio is coming out of most computers at the workstation. One such tech support issue arose when a radio jockey couldn't get the sound from his machine. Turns out the mute button was switched on. Now there's a limit to what professionals can do.

    The Internet ate itself up

    This is a classic case of technical deficiency - a user calls up tech support to complain that the ‘Internet' has been deleted from their computer after a check-up. Turns out, the Internet has been deleted, but only Internet Explorer. That too, just the desktop shortcut is gone.

    A robot has taken over

    With Windows 10 comes a sharper interface, a better Start menu and an evil robot. The robot, that is Cortana, the virtual assistant, can be daunting for users that don't have a clue about her or her native OS. Unknowingly downloading the update onto people's computers is a cruel way to haunt them for life.

    Windows Version confusion

    Knowing the least basics about your computer are quite helpful in pointing out to the problem when you are taking directions from tech support. Things like knowing the Windows version should be on the list. You can just open the ‘This PC' app and right-click to get all the information.


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