Fujitsu Plans A Waterproof Tablet, Fujitsu Arrows LTE F-01D

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Fujitsu Plans A Waterproof Tablet, Fujitsu Arrows LTE F-01D
Fujitsu, One of the World's biggest IT products and Services provider, has apparently analyzed the Global market well and probably saw the need for a tablet which is unique from all the other tablets rising up in the market at present. Not just tablets, Fujitsu is coming out with new Smartphones as well. And reportedly these devices aren't going to be some average devices. Their specifications would be totally impressive. The unique part is that Fujitsu seems to have realized the effectiveness of waterproof tablets in the market. Reportedly they have already developed a complete waterproof tablet with nice specifications.

Fujitsu will be the first to bring out waterproof tablets. So the price tags are likely to be a bit high. The tablet will be known as Fujitsu Arrows LTE F-01D. The tablet will sport a large 10.1 inch WXGA display, which according to reports, would be the center of attention in the tablet as it looks cool in the tablet. The tablet won't be lacking in the performance factor as well as it is powered by a Dual core processor probably a Tegra 2 or TIOMAP. The operating system Fujitsu Arrows LTE F-01D will be operating in will be the Google's Android V2.3.4 or v2.3.5 Gingerbread. The tablet will score high in operability and performance factors.

Fujitsu Arrows LTE F-01D is lightweight weighing about 597 grams and quite thin with about 11.3 mm thickness. It uses an IPX5/IPX7 waterproof technology in its design and if the circumstance requires you to watch videos or mobile TV under water, you won't be facing any problems with the tablet. The cool Hand Gesture Control technology enables the users of Fujitsu Arrows LTE F-01D to make simple gestures with their hands to perform certain operations. You don't actually have to touch the device. Now that's what we call revolutionary. If your hands are quite messy to touch the tab, use the gestures and Voila.

NTT DOCOMO Inc, while unveiling the tablet, announced that they will be adding a few additional features in the tablets as well namely a few broadband applications including the Hulu and Qik video services which pretty much offers high speed mobile TV facilities as well as online gaming. Reportedly Fujitsu Arrows LTE F-01D will have a 5 Megapixel primary camera and a 1.3 Megapixel secondary camera. The camera could have been a little more cooler in specs though. The new tablet offers up to 32 GB memory capacity. Unfortunately, we couldn't get any info on the price in India details of the new tablet, let alone many details on its specifications.

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