Fusion Garage Grid 10 Tablet Coming Soon

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Fusion Garage Grid 10 Tablet Coming Soon
The hype surrounding the company called TabCo has now led to a big surprise that TabCo is actually FUSION GARAGE. But that's just one surprise. Fusion Garage then introduced to the public the innovative Grid 10 tablet with captivating features gizmo buffs dream about.

It would be a thing of magic when the users get to know what's behind such an amazing user interface in Fusion Garage Grid 10. That's because Grid 10 was designed to have a continuously changing user interface based on the high tech semantic web which has an otherworldly new technology termed "Predictive Intelligence". Besides, even the operating system of the Grid 10 is a surprise - a new awesome version of the Android OS which would make gizmo buffs open their mouth in awe.

Grid 10 is designed to be compatible with Fusion Garage's latest technology, "The Seamless State". Fusion Garage apparently didn't consider using an operating system that existed before, while developing the Grid 10. They invented a whole new operating system with brilliant features and design in such a way that the Fusion Garage Grid 10 doesn't have a worthy competitor in the tablet market today. The user interface (UI) may literally be alien technology, because no one would ever see anything like it anywhere else; a revolutionary idea. Except for input through the keyboard, the UI of Grid 10 is entirely based on the user's gestures. So there won't be a need for buttons in the tablet other than the power on/off buttons. The user's gestures are the key for navigation of the device without any limitations. Accessing the new tablet pc requires the user's own signature.

The new UI is associated with wheel based interaction providing futuristic features like predictive intelligence, Buzz recommendation engines and so on. Predictive intelligence integrates the user's calendar and determines whether he has an appointment, where it is and suggests the best routes to get there in minimum time. It even recommends good restaurants in the user's location using various web locations such as Yelp!

Fusion Garage Grid 10 possess an innovative technology, which reminds you of how far Artificial Intelligence can grow, with a sentimental analysis feature which analyses recent status updates in Facebook or tweets in Twitter to determine the sentimental value of it. The user's every activity such as appointments, messages, important events and notifications etc s will be visible to him in the Grid 10 with the Heartbeat feature. User can execute this feature with a 2 finger gesture on the right side of the screen in this new tablet pc.

Fusion Garage Grid 10 makes use of the Media Suite feature which allows users to find and play contents of itunes which only tablets of Apple can do. Grid 10 has an outstanding resolution of 1366 x 768 with 16:9 aspect ratio letting the users experience everything in a wide environment display in the new tablet pc.

The Groundbreaking Fusion Garage Grid 10, powered by NVIDIA Tegra II 1.2 GHz dual core engine, has a WiFi model and a 3G cum WiFi compatible model in which the latter is more expensive with a price tag expected to be about Rs 29000/- and the WiFi only version priced lower. It is expected in Indian market too.

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