Gamestop To Launch Gaming Tablet In 2012

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Gamestop To Launch Gaming Tablet In 2012
Apparently Tablets are everywhere and of various kinds too, in which some of them became successful and a few bit the dust. When Android high end tablets rule the market, Windows tablets don't even have a fighting chance. Now Android tablets are progressing farther with a new genre of tablets designed exclusively for gaming. The move to make a complete gaming tablet was made by Gamestop, the popular video game retailer giant. They haven't been quite active lately and almost bid adieu but apparently they are fighting their way back using android technology to their advantage.

President of Gamestop, Tony Bartel stated that their new gaming tablets in Android platform would be coming out next year and will comprise of a number of classic video games pre-installed in it. It's supposed to compete with the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Apple etc. Mr Bartel also said that there wouldn't be any specifically designed features for Gamestop tablet. Mr Bartel said that the apt title for the tablet would be ‘Gamestop certified gaming platform'. Tony Bartel also commented that gamers who come to own this tablet are in for a lot of benefits that they wont be able to find elsewhere.

When asked about the benefits, we came to know that there will be awesome controllers for Gamestop gaming tablets. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Game stop tablet is rumoured to feature an awesome technology which lets you stream computer and console video games. So the gaming experience with this tablet is going to be amazing. Mr Bartel also stated that they are in the stage of designing a perfect controller for Gaming tablets. Reportedly, they are currently rectifying the design drawbacks of the controller and are making plans to make the controller unique.

Gamers may have their dreams of a dual shock controller for the tablet, come true. But there are only speculations. Mr Bartel didn't mention anything when asked whether the tablet would feature direct video connection or wireless streaming support which lets you connect to TVs or Monitors and enjoy gaming in a larger screen. Most tablets are powerful enough to stream videos from it in to TVs which are Bluetooth enabled using their own wireless Bluetooth streaming options if present. So we can infer that the tablets are almost equivalent in power to certain set top consoles. Game stop Gaming Tablet specs and price details are not revealed yet, but it's obvious that it will definitely have a GPU powerhouse.

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