GFive To Launch Low Cost Windows Tablet

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GFive To Launch Low Cost Windows Tablet
GFive is a Chinese brand that has gained reputation around the world for its mobile phones and handsets that comes with a surprisingly affordable price. GFive have expanded their market rapidly keeping in terms with the growing demand for the GFive products which have given new dimensions to the term “Made in China” product. The latest product to be launched by the end of this year by GFive is a 7 inch as well as a 10 inch tablet that operates on both the Android and Windows platform. It aims to satisfy both the professional windows operating system users as well as the popular android operating system users.

GFive intends to take a bigger share in the tablet market especially in the emerging markets such as India and China and also around the world. The operating system that windows will make use of is the latest Windows 8 operating system. Both the 7 inch tablet and the much bigger 10 inch screen tablets will run on the chipset being provided by the Qualcomm’s Snap Dragon.

G Five have openly declared that they wanted to move up the value chain with the inclusion of more advanced features in the tablets as well as the handsets they produce. G Five said that they wont stop the production of the cheaper phones since they believe that those cheaper phones is what made G Five a brand name that it is today. They said that they will include more features at the same time maintaining the affordable prices they are famous for.

The feature of the much anticipated tablets from G Five includes 3G connectivity. It is also expected to come with Wi-Fi connectivity and also the Bluetooth connectivity. The tablet will come with the usual G Five logo. The Windows 8 Tablet by G Five is expected to arrive with additional features such as a 4GB SD card that contains around 20 free movies and also around 1000 free games. There is no official announcement on the inclusion of the games and movies but as per the sources are concerned. These plans are definitely their in G five’s strategy once they launch the Windows 8 Tablets by the end of the December month.

There has been no official announcement regarding the price in India of the Windows 8 Tablet that they are going to launch. But it is sure that as far as the Indian market is concerned, G Five is always known for launching products with a reduced price and turning the product to be extremely affordable for the common man. With such a reputation, G Five is definitely going to release the 7 inch as well as 10 inches of Windows 8 tablet with an affordable price in India which is set to create waves in the already competitive tablet market.

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