Hardware Requirements that you would have to meet before installing Windows 8

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Hardware Requirements that you would have to meet before installing Windows 8
Windows 8, Microsoft's latest operating system has been making headlines ever since it was announced. This operating system is expected to take the world by storm just like Microsoft's older offering, the Windows XP.

With a mind-blowing interface and some never before seen graphics Windows 8 is sure to mesmerize users. But Windows 8 installation requires some hardware per-requisites which are described as follows:

Tablet PCs that are to operate on Windows 8 need to have the following buttons: power button, rotation lock button, Windows key, Volume Rocker Feature button. All these buttons act as intuitive user interfaces and give users a single click access to the vital parameters of the tablet pc.

The display of the tablet must be of 32 bit and the minimum screen resolution required is 1366X768 pixels. Tablet PCs can also have an aspect ratio of 16:9. This is aimed at making the tablet support enhanced graphics along with multicolor support which are on par with PCs.

The tablets that provide the broadband radio feature also have to meet certain hardware requirements, one of the requirements is the presence of assisted GPS radios and the area which has to be used for communication needs to have touch marks as well.

The memory requirements have also been set which specify the minimum memory requirement as 10 GB. In sync with this, the tablet has to meet the international standard specifications to run Windows 8.

All these requirements have been laid down in order to harness the maximum potential of the device. Thus, Windows 8 opens a whole new world of computing through your tablets.

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