HP Black 2000-329WM: Entertainment oriented laptop from HP

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HP Black 2000-329WM: Entertainment oriented laptop from HP

Brand name counts a lot in laptops and consumer electronics. It makes people pay a little extra. But that doesn’t mean that a branded laptop without great features would just sell. Consumers are highly discerning and will settle for nothing but the best, the best they can get for their budget. Respectability and reputation count a lot and could significantly influence buying decisions, but only if the features are up to the mark.

HP (Hewlett Packard) is one of the most respectable brands. It offers desktop and notebook PCs and Netbooks that have the stamp of reliability and performance. They have products catering to wide range of price brackets. Ever since HP merged with Compaq in 2001, its portfolio has risen, including, among other models, the Pavilion and Compaq Presario range of laptops. HP operates in almost every country of the world and is currently the “world’s leading PC manufacturer.”

HP has a really significant presence in India. It is one of the earlier models to have entered the Indian market, first through its desktop PCs and then laptops. Even if other illustrious brands such as Dell, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Lenovo, HCL and Samsung (to name a few) have made their presence felt; HP has managed to retain its reputation and presence with many consumers still wanting to go for the trust and reliability that HP is believed to offer.

HP’s Black 2000-329WM laptop is loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and is powered by AMD E350 Dual Core processor. Its graphics card is the AMD Radeon 6310 HD Discrete-Class that offers maximum graphics memory of 1461MB. The 2000-329WM is equipped with DDR3 SDRAM of 3GB, L2 cache of 1MB and SATA hard drive of 320GB. The processor operates at 1.60GHz.

This is an entertainment oriented laptop too, and comes with SuperMulti DVD burner. Users can store HD video of up to 168 hours or 91000 songs. HP 2000-329WM is equipped with a really wide 15.6-inch HD Brightview screen featuring diagonal LED. Its screen resolution is 1366x768 pixels and wireless LAN specs are 802.11b/g/n. With the 802.11b/g/n connection you can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot or signal.

HP has equipped the 2000-329WM with the Altec Lansing speaker for superior sound, three USB 2.0 ports, and HP webcam. It also features 2-in-1 memory card reader and its battery offers five and a half hours of backup. Overall the product is an impressive one with some special and dedicated features. HP 2000 laptop price is not available.

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