HP Envy Laptop Expected Soon

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HP Envy Laptop Expected Soon
HP Envy when released was appreciated well for its stylish design and updated configuration. But with time, the laptop got out dated and the highly configured laptop became high performing no more. But things will change very soon. HP is back to regain its lost title of its old hero, the Envy. HP is all set for the battle against the highly configured laptops now running on the market. It will even face the most respected Apple Mac Book Pro, head on.

The updated Envy will imitate its predecessor in the configuration, but this time, in a much more updated manner. The unit will sport the high efficient 2nd generation Intel Core i5 processors. With switch able graphics and enhanced power management, the laptop definitely will be a game changer in the market.

The technical specification of the new HP Envy is Awesome and brilliantly decided. The processors as said will be a 2.4 GHz Second Generation Intel

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