HP Bringing Out Special Design Laptop

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HP Bringing Out Special Design Laptop
HP, the Multinational IT Corporation in America is one of the most popular and successful computer and hardware manufacturers in the World. HP has always been very keen on putting forward innovative plans for integrating great new technologies in the design of their products. Now, HP apparently likes to make history by bringing out new designs for their laptops, which would likely be revolutionary because it’s HP we are talking about.

HP recently partnered with Vivienne Tam, one of the World famous designers, who later made it public that their partnership would definitely be fruitful as they would soon develop a notebook with great accessories and fashionable enough to impress those people around the World who are fashion conscious. HP executives attended the Vivienne Tam Fashion show in the Big Apple recently indicating their healthy tie-up. They also joined hands to launch the laptop at the event the same week.

Reportedly, HP named their new laptop in honour of Vivienne Tam and announced that it would be a special edition notebook. The notebook is both trendy in looks and excellent in performance and is apparently the first of its kind born with the partnership between a fashion designer and a computer manufacturer. It would definitely be one of the most popular laptops and would hopefully be a household name as well. Reportedly, Vivienne Tam took care of the overall design of accessories and the notebook wraps.

Reportedly, Vivienne Tam was directly approached by HP for helping them with the design of such a special edition notebook and she immediately signed the deal. Tam stated that this was different from her usual assignments and designs. She also said that she instantly came up with a good design that would fit the notebook and informed HP, who agreed and offered support. She also said that the Notebook was designed with female audience in mind and assured that it would satisfy all expectations of fashion conscious women with its fashion and technology traits.

Vivienne Tam also commented that she was glad to have accomplished her objective of designing one product which would go into the hearts of individuals with fashion sense and inclination to technology, all over the World. She designed the laptop in a trend which resulted with the fusion of Western and Asian cultures which looks good along with her trademark ‘China Chic’ style which uses ancient China art and grew in wide popularity in the last Beijing Olympics. The HP Vivienne Tam special Edition Notebook is expected to come out in the early beginning of next year. No know-about on the price in India of the notebook yet.

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