HP new Ultrabook Spectre Unveiled

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HP new Ultrabook Spectre Unveiled

2011 was a year of gadgets, gizmos and innovative technologies which became a revolution. Mobile handsets, tablets, and even laptop computers became quite affordable although a few of them had high-level specifications. The affordability, the technology, the features and the unique designs made laptops quite desirable too last year. The strongest competitors with the best laptops last year were Lenovo, Asus and HP.

But it seems HP has a few more tricks up its sleeve to establish dominance early in 2012. The biggest technical event which gadget buffs eagerly wait for in the start of a New Year is the Consumer Electronics Show. Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show or the CES gives people an opportunity to see the coolest gadgets coming out that year. HP seems to be having some plans of its own for the CES event this year at Las Vegas.

A lot of reports came out recently that one of HP’s trump cards for the year is going to be presented in the CES 2012. HP apparently has high hopes for the HP Spectre – a new addition to HP Ultrabooks. However it is still not sure if people would bother to get a sneak peek at this Ultrabook, while the CES 2012 will have a lot more cool gadgets exhibited, including handsets with quad core processors and other futuristic gadgets.

Official video link of HP Spectre Teaser promo:


Apparently, HP’s Spectre Ultrabook has been the subject of discussion in many forums, and the hype is reported to have increased as a new Teaser video of the Spectre Ultrabook appeared. The 30 second video doesn’t show much, but you will notice the sleek and glossy design of the Ultrabook. The specifications of HP Spectre Ultrabook haven’t been revealed yet. But why would HP want to ruin a surprise, when we can wait for a few weeks for the CES to exhibit the Ultrabook and disclose its specifications.

A lot of reports claiming to have been tipped by a few HP insiders boast that HP Spectre is an ultra portable powerhouse. There have been speculations based on some hints from insiders that Spectre will be sporting either Intel’s Ivy Bridge or Intel’s Sandy Bridge. A lot of people expect some awesome features from this Ultrabook, and the feature which is most desired is the transformation capability to a touchscreen tablet, just like Asus’ Transformer Prime.

A few companies grew up in reputation and success last year, owing to the rise of new technologies. It seems HP is going to achieve the same this year, starting the New Year with a bash.

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