HP Probook 4530

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HP Probook 4530
Hewlett Packard has been here in the computer industry for more than two decades. And the computer users around the world trust and receive the products launched by HP with folded hands. HP has a bigger presence in the pc as well as the laptop market by launching high quality devices that has a better performance rate. The latest to be launched by HP is the HP Probook 4530. The speciality of the Probook is that it suits for both the commercial users as well as the users from the business community.

The design of HP Probook 4530 is stylish as well as bold with an aluminium finish in its body panel. The Probook comes with a weight of around 2.36 kg which enables the users with easy portability. Other features include a spill resistant keyboard which is very well made making the users feel very smooth while executing any functions in the keyboard. And below the keyboard, it comes with a touch pad which seems to be perfectly placed. The specification of the touchpad is about 3.6 inch. The Probook comes with two USB 3.0 as well as two USB 2.0 ports. It also consists of a well designed Ethernet port. Other external features like earphones as well as a microphone are also present in HP Probook 4530.

Speaking about the screen display, HP Probook 4530 comes with a 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1366*768 that provides a better viewing experience for the users. The screen is absolutely sunlight resistant. It is also enhanced with a high definition camera that is capable of providing around 720 pixel of video.

The processor used in HP Probook 4530 is the Intel core i5-2410m that is powered by 2.3 GHz. The processor is followed by 4GB of RAM and a whopping 500GB of hard drive which provides better memory capacity and better performance. The operating system that Probook makes use of is none other than the most efficient Windows 7 Professional. The Probook also comes with an efficient battery that can last up to 5 hours or more according to your usage of the Probook. But anyway the backup is more than what you can expect from a consumer laptop.

Finally the reason of why this Probook is different from others. The main factor is its security establishment that makes it absolutely the right choice for the business people.

It comes with a number of authentication methods that ranges from face recognition and also the implementation of a finger print ID which is of greater significance in today's world. The Probook also comes with an efficient smart card reader. It also is equipped with a Drive Encryption Tool that has the capacity to make the drive unreadable in case if it was stolen. Probook also is enhanced with a Computrace which can remotely track the information as well as the confidential data and can in fact bring the system down. These features makes the HP 4530 a highly security enabled laptop computer.

Probook 4530 also comes with an HP Power assistant which mainly deals in controlling the power consumption of the monitor. And it is also equipped with HP QuickWeb 3.0 that enables you to go online without the permission of Windows. The Probook also comes with a base model as well as top end model. The price also varies accordingly.

Probook 4530 comes with a price in India tag of Rs.26, 000 which is affordable considering the enormous kind of security features it provides. It is worth its price.

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