Indian Aakash tablet is a hit with the Nepalese

Posted By: Rahul

Indian Aakash tablet is a hit with the Nepalese

India's very own tablet pc the Aakash which got mixed reviews in India has got a massive response in Nepal. This can be substantiated by the fact that the Aakash has received about 20,000 orders in the ongoing CAN Info- Tech 2012 conference in Nepal.

A source stated that people in Nepal are flocking to the stalls where India's Aakash Tablet is displayed. Along with this, the improved version of Aakash is also on display which is attracting people. The bookings for the Ubislate 7+ are impressive.

The Aakash is a massive hit with the student community and professionals in Nepal who adore it more than anything else in the world. In addition to this, people even in the rural areas have also taken a liking towards Aakash(Upgraded Aakash). Says a source, a restaurant chain in Nepal has alone booked 1000 units of Ubislate 7+ tablet.

This trend is the reverse of India where the Aakash version I was a huge failure and all eyes are set on the Aakash II which is going to make it's presence felt in India in April this year.

The Aakash tablet is priced at N Rs 6000  which is roughly Rs 3750 in India. The upgraded version costs Rs 750 more. The features of the Ubislate 7+ such as better battery backup, sleek design appears to have smitten the Nepalese who are rushing to book them.

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