Indian Computing all set to be redefined through the iPad 3

Posted By: Rahul

Indian Computing all set to be redefined through the iPad 3

The i Pad 3 which is all set to be launched in a few hours' time is all set to woo Indian users. Apart from  providing attractive features, the i Pad 3 is going to replace traditional computers in India.

The desktop computers are still used in India. Even employees in  major offices & I.T companies  across India use desktops. Now with the release of the Apple i Pad 3 tablet, computing in India is all set to get a whole new dimension.

This tablet computer is also set to start a revolution in the home computer segment in India. With. functionality that is custom-made for home users, the tablet is expected to storm people using them in their homes.

The predecessor to the i Pad 3, the Apple i Pad 2 wasn't very popular in India. But this time experts predict a reverse in this trend. The experts also state that almost every office goer in India will soon be seen armed with the i Pad 3.

Even children in India are expected to fall in love with Apple's latest offering. Thus, we can say that Apple's flagship product has hit the headlines for all the right reasons. If it lives up to all these hype, Apple could derive yet another advantage over rivals.

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