Apple iPad 3 Tablet Coming Soon In 2012

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Apple iPad 3 Tablet Coming Soon In 2012
The long wait will find its dead end at 2012. Note its not the doomsday we are talking about! There is definitely much else to look forward to with Apple iPad 3 scheduled to be launched the next year. Undoubtedly one can say that Apple with its tablet business a big success has nothing to think much about bringing out a latest version. Infact the word is already out that the company is actually working on one which means the new Apple iPad 3 is already on paper.

The trial product version of the new Apple tablet is getting assembled according to some reports on Apple being spotted with some of its assemblers in Asia and component suppliers. Apple iPads are the most trusted and celebrated product all over the world and with the iPad2 already a big success, the manufacturers attained all the energy it would require to start early for an Apple iPad 3.

The specification can be easily predicted for the new Apple tablet when it's clear that the device will be a perfect update for its previous version. Apple is sure to upgrade the gadget with all the latest and updated technology available in the market. Thus the new Apple tablet undoubtfully will be a 2048 X 1536 instead of a 1024 x 768 (iPad2) in iPad3. The suppliers mentioned about the Apple demanding for a 9.7 inch screen device and the components for the trial product is already shipped, they said.

The Apple spokeswoman anyway kept silence when asked about the leaked info. According to the component suppliers, Apple has already ordered for parts for their new iPad and the order demands for a 1.5 million Apple iPad 3s, which is supposedly to be shipped in the fourth quarter.

The iPads are usually manufactured at Foxconn in China. The outsourcing is done for the iPads too and that's exactly the strategy for Apple Smartphones, the iPhones. The news and reports on iPad3 is of much importance, it being one among the most anticipated and discussed topic by the tech reviewers all over the world. It was just days ago when HP declared their withdrawal from TouchPad after having a dull business. The TouchPad was expected to pose a threat to the Apple tablets with the TouchPads having the magnificent WebOS operating system. But with HP announcing its withdrawal from those tablets, without even a fight, its just Apple in the lead and no one else any where near.

Now the discussions are over the Apple iPad 3 release with the reports also stating that the launch is expected to happen by the start of next year.

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