iPad Mini vs Surface: Microsoft Parody Ad Smackdown Apple's Latest Tablet

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iPad Mini vs Surface: Microsoft Parody Ad Smackdown Apple's Latest Tablet


Beware it is not an ad from Microsoft. It is a fake ad from the same ad makers who came up with parody Apple Siri ads some time ago. This time they are back with a parody ad showing off the stir between newly launched Microsoft Surface and Apple’ s latest iPad models.

The ad is showing Surface tablet as an aggressive one making a lot of noise through heavy music depiction, where as it shows iPad from Apple taking a softer approach playing a gentle melodious music. It is an amazing ad in the sense of its attempt to depict the marketing approach of Apple and Microsoft through two genres of music. The ad makers take a bow, though it is slightly off the reality, their creativity needs to be appreciated.

The fake ad seems to have taken inspiration from the latest Apple iPad Mini ad featuring the play of a piano duet near the 10 inch iPad model. Creative folks at LaughPong decided to add the Microsoft Surface element to this ‘cute’ iPad Mini ad thus coming up with this fake parody ad.

The heavy metallic kind of music used while Surface is shown depicts its aggressive approach of taking the world by storm. As we know Microsoft is going all out in promoting their Windows 8 based tablet to the world and spending millions of dollar in promoting them. On the other hand, Apple has always been a believer of soft marketing giving more emphasis to user experience and peer to peer product reviews.

It is time for Microsoft to get inspired from this ad and move aggressively in the market. Let us wait to see how the real competition heats up and who wins the race in the tablet market.

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