iPad Typos are whose fault?

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iPad Typos are whose fault?


Typing using iPad requires great precision and patience. Most users might feel that the screen is little cramp for the optimal typing or is a blunder that results because of fat fingers. Dave Addey has filmed the typing on iPad and then examined the results which is too interesting.

In the test, Addey typed a paragraph that is unfamiliar and the results are here. He has made three legitimate mistakes. However, there are about 20 more errors accounted by the keyboard. Of these 20 errors, the auto-correct feature has somehow managed to correct 8 of them.

In the image, the errors made by Addey are indicated in green and those corrected by auto-correct are in blue. The words in red are the other errors that are left uncorrected. This text was made using Pages and it was repeated using Mail and Notes.

When the results of all the three tests were analyzed, he speculated that the keyboard in the tablet might be dropping the keys rather than maintaining smooth performance. Ultimately, the key presses are not passed on properly to the application.

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