James Bond Computer Technology :Coming To Your Home

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James Bond Computer Technology :Coming To Your Home
Here is some real good stuff for the computer geeks. After the super cool computers featured on movies like 'James Bond' and 'Minority Reports' swept you off your feet, a Los Angeles-based company designing a system that can consign the mouse to history have finally introduced the dream machine to the real world.


John Underkoffler, chief scientist at Oblong Industries that has created the technology, says that the new technology called G-Speak may fundamentally change the way we interact with computers. According to him the users will just have to slip on a special glove and utilize both the hands and interact with the computer intuitively.

"Human hands are the most sophisticated manipulating tools in the world," Times Online quoted him as saying. "The idea is to drop the mouse and let hands do what they're fully capable of. That is to describe and push, poke and pull and manipulate the world," he added.

G-Speak allows selection of objects on screen through pointing. When the user brings his hands closer to his body, the object seems to have come closer and appears larger. Pushing the hands to one side moves the object to a different screen, making the interaction with things on the screen to appear real.

The main application of this sophisticated technology is in the Police force, though it is already introduced in certain companies and institute. "It's exactly like the interface from Minority Report, except that it's better, because its in the real world and it works," said Underkoffler.

The technology involves multiple screens allowing several people to control what they see at once, and can take up entire rooms. However, Oblong is working on smaller versions so that they can be used in the home and at work-stations. The best thing about G-speak is the price tag; not more than the regular computer mouse, 20-40 pounds.


G-speak would currently run on existing computers, UnderKoffler is confident it would very soon successfully replace the existing mouse, as the system is intuitive. "If you've had the experience of trying to teach your great uncle how to use a mouse, it's frustrating. Most people who put on the gloves are up and running within 30 seconds, because everyone knows how to point," he said.

"The idea is to invert the usual way of working. The ordinary way of working that we are still tethered to is that the human must go into the machine's world. You have to imagine yourself in the cartoon world of the desktop, and put yourself down there. We want to break open the monitor, and let the pixels go everywhere in the room – to put the interaction with the computer in the real world," Underkoffler added.

This technology could obtain widespread acceptance in the field of Traffic control and medical imaging to help the surgeons.

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