Kindle Fire out, iPad 3 in

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Kindle Fire out, iPad 3 in

With several rumors about iPad 3 and its launch going across the internet, many consumers are planning to buy one and this also includes the owners of Kindle Fire, a new survey has indicated.

In the online survey involving 1,305 users, about 48% of them said they are planning to get the iPad that will be launched on March 7th.

Moreover, over 50% of those having the Kindle Fire like to buy the iPad 3. This indicates that the Kindle Fire users are dissatisfied with their tablets or may the user interface of the iPad is unparalleled.

Whatever it is, the iPad is the leader when it comes to tablets. The interesting fact is that the Amazon Kindle Fire was released only three months back and so soon the users are ready to get iPad 3.

The survey states that the consumers see the iPad 3 as a tablet with a quad core processor, memory card, better speakers and USB port. Over 80% of the those involved in the study feel that they want all these features.

The other reasons for people to welcome this device is the reason that it has a less reflective screen, Siri voice assistant and the support for Thunderbolt and several user accounts.

Obviously, the cost of the tablet pulls the users back from getting it and the survey had about 16% of this type of subjects. The other 35% remained undecided about the tablet.

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