Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 All-In-One Computers launched in India

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Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 All-In-One Computers launched in India

All- in one PC’s are becoming more and more common now. People have started to prefer them rather than the conventional desktop PC’s. The main reason for this its compactness. These PC’s integrate all the functions of a full sized desktop into a very small form factor. This helps to save up a lot of space.

Lenovo has launched quite a number of all-in-one PC’s. Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 is one of the popular models launched by Lenovo last year. It is constantly making good sales too.


  • 23 inch screen

  • JBL speakers

  • Optical drive

  • 4GB RAM

  • 1 TB storage

This is a very easy to set up the device. Just connect the power cable to the socket and attach the mouse and keyboard and that’s it. This ease of set up is because of the PC’s all-in-one nature. The device has an overall matte finish and looks very beautiful. The JBL stereo speakers are kept at the bottom. The 23 inch screen has tilt control and it can be adjusted by as far as 60 degrees. The optical drive is placed at the right hand side. The bottom of the screen has keys which are touch sensitive and they can be used to adjust the brightness and volume. There is also a key that helps to connect the wireless mouse and keyboard to the system. One notable feature is that there is a power button in it that can be used to turn off only the screen. This is not very common in this type of PC’s.

The associated devices that come with Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 are a mouse, keyboard and a remote control. The keyboard comes in the same finishing as that of the display and is sufficiently large. The remote can be used just like normal TV remote that has video and audio manipulation functions but with added buttons to provide access to Windows media centre. It also helps you enjoy motion gaming.

The Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 processor in it runs with a clock speed of 2.66 GHz. The graphics card in it is ATi Radeon HD 5450. Even though it provides impressive graphics effects it is not meant for high-end games. The internal TV tuner card lets you watch normal TV programs just by providing a cable TV connection. There are a wide variety of USB ports and connectivity options scattered around the device. The connectivity ports include Ethernet port, and AV.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 has a price tag of around Rs.60,000/ in India-.

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