Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 Compact Desktops

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 Compact Desktops

More people are looking at laptops as a replacement to their home PC’s. When laptop manufactures are putting in very high specs in their machines and when they are available at some what affordable price it prompts many users to opt for them instead of a desktop.

But still the performance and connectivity options of a desktop cannot be matched completely by a laptop. The main problem that the user finds in a PC is that it occupies a lot of space. So considering an environment like an office where space is very limited they pose a difficulty. So what if there is a full fledged desktop that takes up very little space.

Lenovo has just come up with such a device and it is claimed to be the worlds smallest desktop PC. It is named as Idea centre Q180. One look at the device and you can be certain that it is very much smaller than the other PC’s in the market. It is very much small and compact and looks as if you can even carry it around. The dimensions of the device are 7.5 inch x 6.1 inch x 0.86 inch (H x W x D).

This is mainly a home theatre oriented device. That is you can connect it to a TV and turn it into a complete entertainment central or use it as a fully functional computer. The desktop comes in two versions. First is the Q180-31102AU which does not have an inbuilt optical drive.

The other model is Q180-31102BU which comes with either a DVD-burner or a Blu-Ray player. Both the devices run using an Intel Atom D2700 processor. The processor works with a clock speed of about 2.13 GHz. Since it is an Atom processor it may not be suitable for very CPU intensive tasks like video editing and all but packs in enough punch for all the other functions.

The processors requires very low voltage for its working and this reduces the over all power consumption very much. The processor and the dimensions put them under the category of net top PC. This is actually the counter part of Netbook and like them nettop PC’s differs from their older siblings in the fact that they are very compact, less expensive and uses low-power components.

Lenovo Ideacentres Q180’s both the versions come with a 500GB hard disk that rotates at 5400 RPM. Altogether there are 6USB ports and among them 2 of them are of USB 3.0 type and the rest are USB 2.0 type. The device has Wi-Fi capabilities and features an integrated Bluetooth.

The graphics card in it is of discrete type and it is AMD Radeon HD 6450A.The graphics memory capacity is about 512 MB. Q180-31102AU has 2GB of RAM while Q180-31102BU has 4GB of RAM.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180-31102AU has a price tag of around Rs. 20,000/- where as Q180-31102BU has a price tag of Rs.23,500/-.

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