Lenovo ideaPad S110 netbook powered by Cedar Trail chips

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Lenovo ideaPad S110 netbook powered by Cedar Trail chips

The term Netbooks might bring some old memories for a few, and many have started to forget it already. Netbooks lost their popularity and demand with the arrival of Ultrabooks and tablets. But a handful of companies are still struggling for a fighting chance for their netbooks. Among those companies, is Lenovo which is apparently trying to revitalize the netbook sector with a new ideaPad S110 Netbook.

Revitalizing the demand and popularity of netbooks is no easy task, but Lenovo seems to be willing to take the risk. Reportedly Lenovo has a few tricks up its sleeve to boost the popularity of their ideaPad S110. Lenovo ideaPad S110 netbooks come with Cedar Trail chips from Intel, which they just started shipping. A teaser video of the ideaPad Netbook has come out recently, which will give you a sneak peek of the tablet.

Lenovo’s ideaPad S110 is referred to as a mini notebook, probably to make it more distinct than the ordinary netbooks. We managed to collect a few details on the specs of ideaPad S110. They are as follows:

  • 16 mm thick and weighs about 1.15 kilograms

  • N2600 Cedar Trail chip

  • 1 GB RAM

  • 320 GB Hard disk drive

  • 10.1 HD screen

  • USB 3.0

  • 3G connectivity and 3G Radio (Optional)

  • 720p 2 Megapixel HD Webcam (Optional)

  • Full size Chiclet keyboard

  • Lenovo’s quick start “instant on” feature

  • VGA port

The N2600 Cedar Trail chip is also rumored to be integrated in devices from Asus, Samsung and a few other companies. Lenovo ideaPad S110 netbook has had some upgrades apparently, which makes it quite different from the usual array of netbooks. This means that the new upgrades in Netbooks would make them a bit more popular and increase their demands than it had been with the old netbooks.

Lenovo ideaPad S110 Netbook is also attractive when it comes to looks. It has a sleek design and comes in four colors namely red, black, blue and white. Netbooks are very portable devices. Lenovo S110 Netbook is no different. It is hard for a classic Netbook to survive with all the tablets invading the market. As per a lot of reports, Lenovo will most likely showcase this netbook in the Consumer Electronics Show which is to be held at Las Vegas on January.

There isn’t going to be much variation in the price tag though. As per the information in a few reputed sites, ideaPad S110 is expected to be priced around Rs 20,000/- in India.

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