Lenovo IdeaPad to get an Nvidia Tegra3 Upgrade

Posted By: Rahul

 Lenovo IdeaPad to get an Nvidia Tegra3 Upgrade

Lenovo, the world's second largest PC maker announces the release of its new IdeaPad with Nvidia Tegra3 technology. IdeaPad K1 tablet was recently released by Lenovo this year. The company has made a solid entrance in the tablet industry with its new upgraded technology. The optical-based home button and the extended gallery of apps make the difference for Lenovo.

IdeaPad K1 is powered by 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor (dual-core).  The device has got 1GB RAM & 32 GB of storage. The device marked a new era in the field of IdeaPad technology.

But the new revolution in the tablet industry comes with the launch of IdeaPad K2. It is also an Android device which uses the Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS. IdeaPad K1 has been upgraded to use Nvidia Tegra 3 mobile processor, which is quad core.  

IdeaPad K2 has a 10.1-inch display. The device has got a resolution of 1,280 x 800. The Nvidia Tegra3 graphics display makes a distinctly attracting look. The screen also supports multi touch. It uses the new Nvidia Tegra3 AP30 mobile processor with 1GB RAM. This makes it one of the fastest computers in the present world. The connectivity is established through Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. The USB 2.0 ports helps for fast data transfer. Micro-HDMI, microSD ports are provided to increase the memory size.

The hard working of the Lenovo has made it capable of adding up several new applications including the hot favorite’s Angry birds HD. Ideapad K2 features a lot of such applications. With the new quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 AP30 mobile processor and advanced technologies, the device is really going to blow up the minds of people. The device will be available in the market only by the end of this year as Google authorities wish to hit the market with the upgraded version of gadgets. Now, we have to wait and see what miracle the gadget might create in the market.

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