Lenovo Think PC series Launched

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Lenovo Think PC series Launched

Lenovo Think PCs range is launched. These include laptops, desktops with the latest configuration, specification & features. These computers are affordable as well.

Lenovo is regarded as one of the leading players in the manufacture of laptops as well as desktop computers of superior quality. The latest news that is making headlines is the announcement of four new think personal computers from Lenovo that has been especially designed in order to meet the large scale as well as small scale business needs. The think personal computers are named as Think Centre M71Z all in one as well as Think Centre M71e desktop. The other two models are Think Centre M77 desktop as well as ThinkPad X121e notebook.

One of the most notable features in Lenovo Think Centre M71z is its fast booting capability which was enhanced by Lenovo’s Enhanced experience 2.0 programmes. This personal computer makes use of Intel Core i3-2100 Processor. The device makes use of windows7 professional operating system that comes with improved performance. The device comes with a display size of 20 inches and a memory capacity of 2GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM that is powered by 1333 MHz. Other features include the presence of 500GB of hard drive as well as DVD recordable and the device arrives with three year warranty period.

Second comes Lenovo Think Centre M71e desktop which mainly targets huge multi-national companies that are looking out for a personal computer for their respective workforce in order to keep them secure and productive. One of the greatest advantages in using this desktop is its faster booting in less than 15 seconds which is very employee friendly feature as far as the companies are concerned. This path breaking feature has been made in to a reality with the implementation of Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 2.0 capability which enhance the employees or the users with instant booting capability. The device is expected to make use of Intel Core i7 processor that helps in increased multi tasking capability among the employees.

As far as Lenovo Think Centre M77 is concerned, it is mainly meant for large business professionals who are on the look out for a secure as well as powerful desktop personal computer. This astonishing computer makes use of latest AMD technology with multi-display capabilities. And this amazing device is sure to enhance the employees as well as the enterprises with utmost reliability, stability, speed as well as manageability.

The product arrives with a competitive price tag. The processors that can be used with this device include AMD Sempron, Athlon II as well as Phenom II. The product is further enhanced by the presence of 16GB of DDR3 memory capacity. The product comes with 1TB of hard drive storage capacity as well as ATI Radeon graphics that enhance the users with superior graphics functionality.

The price tag of Lenovo Think Centre M71z is expected to be around Rs.35,000 where as Lenovo Think Centre M71e desktop expected price is around Rs.32,000 and finally Lenovo Think Centre M77 is expected to come with a price tag of Rs. 27,000 in India.

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