LG unveils Z330 Ultrabook

Posted By: Rahul

 LG unveils Z330 Ultrabook

LG has joined the ultra book family. Asus, Acer as well as Lenovo are trying to roll out their own models. LG’s ultrabook model is named as Z330.This model would come under their Xnote line up of devices.

The features of LG Z330 Ultrabook are:

  • Super compact

  • Light weight

  • 13 inch display

  • Intel’s second generation processor

  • Bluetooth

  • Wi-Fi

LG Ultrabook Z330 has some pretty amazing specs .All this is integrated in a very small form factor. In a quick glance this resembles Macbook Air model from Apple. This Ultrabook has a thickness of only 0.6 inches. The company claims that the device weighs less than 1.22 Kg. Since it is small and light weight the device can easily be carried by putting it in your back pack or in a carrying case. The ultra compactness finds its usefulness when being carried around.

The screen is of 13 inches. This is not a very large display but does its purpose pretty well. It also packs in enough resolution so that you can very much enjoy videos and high definition pictures .Since the display is small the Ultrabook will provide amazing battery back up. So you can use it on long travels continuously for many hours and still have an ease of mind that the battery will have some juice left for important work.

LG Z330 Ultrabook comes with two choices for processors. Users can either opt for 1.6 GHz Intel i5 processor or they can go with the 1.8GHz i7 processor. So users with CPU intensive tasks can opt for the superior i7 processor that works in a faster clock speed but of course at an additional cost.

Two different hard disk options will be also there, either a 120 GB hard disk or a 256 GB one. The device will feature Intel’s integrated graphics. This means that high-end games that demand a very powerful discrete graphics card won’t be compatible with this device.

The connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB ports. The Ultrabook works on Bluetooth version 3.0.The USB ports are of USB 3.0 type so it ensures very fast data transfer. A microSD card reader is also provided so that data can be transferred to and from memory cards.

LG unveils Z330 Ultrabook’s price tag is expected to be in between Rs.75, 000/- and Rs.1,00, 000/- in India.

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