Managing computer desktop icons

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Managing computer desktop icons

The issue of computer desktop icons and the way to get rid of them are worth exploring. Removing these icons are are not for everyone as some may use them for opening the files and launching the applications. But mostly, the icons are dropped on the desktop by the default programming of the operating system and not by user intention.

The software installers usually add the icons to the desktop, Quick Launch bar and to the Start menu if the options are checked. Are the desktop icons too bad? Of course, they're not really too bad but they jumble on the desktop without no purpose. Clearing these computer desktop icons has some advantages however.

1. You can enjoy the magnificent wallpapers that you have installed clearly.

2. The new versions of the Windows operating system have search box in the Start menu, so it is easy to find and launch the applications quickly.

3. In case you are using the earlier versions of Windows, that lack the search box in Start, you still have the third party options like AutoHotkey, Google Desktop and Launchy to open the apps and files using keyboard.

Ultimately, removing the icons from the desktop without any organized system is like having a clean workplace with crammed draws. In order to clean the computer desktop properly, you need to organize your files properly.

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