Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer Successor: Project Spartan

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In an effort to win over the likes of Google and Firefox, Microsoft on Wednesday unveils Project Spartan, the tech giant's new web browser. This would be the first time when the Redmond-based Microsoft is distancing itself from its ill-fated Internet Explorer.

The firm's new web browser, codenamed Spartan, will indeed replace Internet Explorer as a default Windows browser. Spartan is basically based on Microsoft's Trident rendering engine, which is also found in Internet Explorer.

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Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer Successor:  Project Spartan

"With key features built-in natively to the browser, it will enable greater reliability and better discoverability", the company said.

Undoubtedly, Spartan looks way better than Internet Explorer. In fact, the new web browser has more modern features, in line with its competitors such as Firefox and Chrome.

Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer Successor:  Project Spartan

Here's what we learned about "Project Spartan" at Microsoft's Windows 10 event which took place in Redmond, Washington.

1. Spartan has simple yet clean design - a modern UI that goes well with Windows 10.

2. It has got a reading mode for a great reading experience for Web articles online and offline.

3. Finally, Cortana - Microsoft's answer to Siri - will be integrated inside Spartan for making your web experience faster.

4. Spartan is expected to be rolled out on the desktop as well as on mobile devices.

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