Microsoft Surface Ad Goes on Air Ahead of Launch Next Week

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Microsoft Surface Ad Goes on Air Ahead of Launch Next Week

The first ad for Microsoft Surface tablet was launched on air yesterday. The ad was aired during Monday Night Football on ESPN. The new ad campaign for Surface tablets will mark the next step in Microsoft’s marketing blitz which is estimated to cost the company over $1 billion. 

In the ad, Microsoft has made the confirmation that its Surface tablets will go on sale on October 26 alongside Windows 8 operating system. The ad features a play on the click sound generated from the kickstand on the tablet and the magnetic keyboard. Several dancers can be found making a harmony out the click sound and showcasing some sophisticated choreography. Microsoft has not mentioned any price related information in the ad. The ad can be viewed from here. 

Microsoft’s Surface tablet will be available in two variants. One will be running on Windows 8 RT whereas the other one will be running on Windows 8 Pro. Both variants will be featuring a screen size of 10.60 inches. The capacitive, multi touch display will feature a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. The Windows 8 RT version will have a weight of 1.49 pounds where as the Windows 8 Pro version will be having a weight of 1.99 pounds. 

Windows 8 RT version will incorporate a NVIDIA Tegra 3+ chip whereas the Windows 8 Pro version will be using Intel Core i5 processor. The devices will be shipped with internal storage capacities of32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB. Storage capacity could be further increased by using the microSD and microSDHC card slots. 

The devices will have connectivity features like Wi-Fi and will also feature a camera and a camcorder. The tablets will arrive with Office 2007 or Office 2003 pre-installed and will have standard organizer features like Calendar, Alarm, To-Do, Calculator, World clock, Timer and Notepad. A scratch resistant glass will be protecting the screen from damages.

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