Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro Release Update: Apple iPad Competitor Will be Available in January 2013

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Microsoft will start selling its surface tablet which runs on the full version of Windows 8 pro from January at a price starting from $899 (approx. 48,789). The Apple iPad direct competitor will be shipped internationally by January 2013.

The Surface tablet is Microsoft’s first venture into manufacturing a general-purpose computer. With this venture Microsoft has become competitor to some of its own partners which are in the PC and tablet manufacturing business.

Surface currently uses Windows RT operating system which is slimmed down. As such, it is capable of running only certain applications specially designed by Microsoft or those which are sold through Microsoft’s online store. The new Pro version to be released soon is capable of running Windows applications developed for laptops and desktops.

The Surface tablet running on Windows 8 Pro will be equipped with Core i5 processor, which Microsoft claims will give it a bigger graphics boost than the RT operating system.

Microsoft had earlier stated that the Pro version would be priced along the lines of ultrabooks and the announced prices abide by the company’s statements. The price is inclusive of a stylus as well as software which will ignore touches from the palm while using touch screen. The keyboard cover, which is detachable and touch-sensitive, has to be bought separately.

The Surface tablet, priced at $899, will have 64 GB of memory while the one costing $999 will have 128 GB. The memory space utilized by the OS and other pre-installed apps is not known at this point. In the case of the RT versions, with prices starting from $499, 32 GB model possesses only 16 GB usable memory while 64 GB model possesses 45 GB. The Pro versions are expected to have a lot in store for the user. 

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