Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, Mobile Keyboard: Accessories Optimised For Windows 8 Launched In India

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Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse and Wedge mobile keyboard have arrived in India. When tech giants, Microsoft, released Wedge Touch Mouse, there was major debate in the tech world if the peculiar design would be practical. Meanwhile, The keyboard looked a little smaller then usual. However, with it came a magnetized rubber cover that folded into a tablet stand. Well it was a rather bold approach by Microsoft to come up with two completely unpredictable designs.

Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse and Wedge mobile keyboard Launched

The devices were designed to provide portability and are compatible with Windows 7 and 8, several Android devices and even the iPad.

The Wedge Touch mouse is not exactly the most comfortable device to hold in your hands. However , the low weight factor allows the mouse to slide easy. The sloped touch buttons put out enough resistance to prevent accidental clicks. Also, the mouse supports four-way touch scrolling, which will allow you scroll up and down or right and left. The mouse is said to come with a battery life, enough to last for four months. The mouse shuts down, as soon as you shutdown your computer. Also, it goes into sleep mode when idle.

The wedge mobile keyboard comes with individual keys to support Charms system of Windows 8. Looks like the compact sized keyboard was built to be a little more intimate with the operating system.

However, the advantage of being small also fits the tablet interface, just fine. The cover that comes along with the keybord, slides on to the device comfortably, to protect the keys from dust. The cover also folds into stand, capable of holding 7-inch and 10-inch devices at any angle, firmly.

The Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse and mobile keyboard have been released into the Indian market at Rs. 3,015 and Rs. 4,935.

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