Motorola Fleming Tabs

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Motorola Fleming Tabs
Motorola hopes to get an edge in the Android Tablet market in India apparently, as there have been several reports stating that Motorola is developing bigger and better tablets than those in the market at present. The reports have been confirmed recently. Motorola, as per the reports, is in the development stage of 2 Android honeycomb tablets with varying screen sizes. The information from ‘Endgadget' claims that the new Motorola tablets will be running in the Android Honeycomb version and will be of 8 and 10 inch displays.

Reportedly, the tablets, both of them, are named as Fleming but a few reports state that one of the two will be known as Fleming Emara. Apart from running Android Honeycomb, the tablets also share another common factor - 4G LTE chip. The Android tablets are similarly designed as well with screw-fixed metal panels at the back. From what we can gather from the leaked pictures, the tablets look very attractive and are likely to be hugely successful. Supposedly, the specifications would be surprising thereby offering great performance. Reports of last couple of weeks say about Motorola's efforts to bring out the successor of the Motorola Xoom tablet, named as Xoom 2. It was then that Endgadget came across the confidential Fleming Tabs project.

The 8 inch Motorola Fleming tablet will be known as the Fleming Emara. This tablet is quite unique because its display comes in a portrait orientation which actually doesn't look awkward. From the leaked pictures, the tablet had primary and secondary cameras at the rear and the front respectively. Unfortunately, none was lucky enough to obtain info on the spec details. The 10 inch Motorola tablet will, obviously, be known as the Motorola Fleming and is said to have landscape alignment. Both these Motorola Fleming Tabs are speculated to have anti-glare, scratch resistive displays with very good resolution probably 720 or 1080p HD. Motorola Fleming Tabs will also have front and rear cameras and if, say, the primary camera is capable of full HD video recording, then these 4G Motorola Fleming Tabs will surely dominate in the Tablet market. Reportedly, the Motorola Fleming Tabs does come with a good camera and a few reports claim it to be of 5 Megapixels while a few recent reports claim it to an 8 Megapixel Full HD camera.

Another uniqueness of the design of both these Motorola Fleming Tabs is that, both of them sport a button at the back for Start/Sleep/Shut down functions. This button is located beside the volume controls. Reportedly, the tablets will be available pretty soon in the coming months; in black/white colours and the White colored tablets are speculated to be available only in selected regions.

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