Motorola Xoom Vs HP Touchpad Head To Head Comparison

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Motorola Xoom Vs HP Touchpad Head To Head Comparison
Motorola - the ultimate mobile manufacturer and HP - most leading player in the PC and Laptop world stepped into the tablet world with their most sophisticated high end products, Motorola Xoom and HP Touchpad respectively.

Even though Motorola Xoom and Touchpad look identical, there are many differences in the specifications and features in both the new tablet pcs. Starting from the operating system, Touchpad is powered by Web OS 3.0 where as Xoom features powerful Android 3.0 for high performance and smooth functioning. Both Xoom and Touchpad have elegant touch screen facility with multi touch, but there is a slight difference in the screen size as Xoom has a wider screen of 10 inches size when compared to the Touchpad which consists of only 9.7 inches.

Touchpad and Motorola Xoom can be differentiated entirely with the camera facility. The Xoom has high resolution 5 mega pixel camera. This camera can produce very elegant pictures. You can now replace your digital camera with Xoom. Why should someone carry extra mobile camera along with them as they can capture the most precious moments with 5 mega pixel camera in the Xoom. But the camera in Touchpad is very poor compared to Xoom as it is only loaded with 1.3 mega pixel camera. This huge difference in the camera featured by HP Touchpad and Xoom is not at all negligible.

It is notable that the new tablet pcs also differ in the battery power management, but this time it is the Touchpad which is more advanced than the Xoom. You will find 6300 mAh standard battery in Touchpad and 3600 mAh battery in Motorola Xoom. Thus there is a great difference in the battery back up provided by the tablets.

There are many similarities which cannot be neglected. Both Touchpad and Xoom host data management system and connectivity facilities with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS facilities. Now you can be always connected with any one you wish to by the W-Fi facility and also get navigated wherever you go with the GPS facility.

The overall design of both the tablets is as follows, respectively for Touchpad and Xoom: thickness- 14mm and 12.9 mm, length- 240mm and 249 mm, width- 189mm and 167.8 mm. The weight of Touchpad and Xoom is 740 gram and 730 grams respectively. There is no facility for additional memory in both the tablets, both have an inbuilt memory of 32 GB.

The price in India of Motorola Xoom is around Rs. 35,000 and price of HP Touchpad is around Rs. 30000.

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