NEC Lavie Z world's lightest Ultrabook

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NEC Lavie Z world's lightest Ultrabook

NEC has announced the release of an Ultrabook that is claimed to be the lightest in the world. This Ultrabook will be officially made available for customers by the month of August. The Ultrabook has been named as NEC Lavie Z. The device has a weight of just around 875 grams that makes it an easily portable light weight computer. This Ultrabook makes use of lithium-magnesium alloy material, which the prime reasons for the light weight build of this ultrabook. 

NEC Lavie Z Ultrabook has a battery life of up to 8.1 hours. The Ultrabook storage features include 4 GB of internal memory, which is quite good when compared with similar models. The device features a LCD super shine view wide screen of display size of 13.3 inches. The display screen has resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. The connectivity features include wireless LAN and Bluetooth that facilitates high speed data transfer. Apart from these options, other standards connectivity options like USB ports are also available.

The Ultrabook is also expected to have an in-built camera capable of taking video recording at 720p. 

Key Features:

• 13.3 inches of screen display size

• 4 GB internal memory

• Screen display resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels

• Wireless LAN

• Bluetooth

• 720p HD video recording

• Intel Core i5/i7 processors

• Optional 128 GB/ 256 GB SSD

NEC Lavie Z Ultrabook will make use of third generation Intel-Core i7, and Intel-Core i5 processors that offer enhanced computing experience. The device will also arrive with an optional 128 GB and 256 GB SSD giving you more options for having bigger storage. The device also features a ‘Network Duet’ that can be used to share data with a second PC.

The exterior of the device gives a classy look. It will feature a Moon Silver colour that gives a sense of bright light. The laptop has a thickness of around 14.9 mm. The Ultrabook will also feature in-built keyboard housing. 

There is however no information regarding the pricing of this Ultrabook. Users will definitely have their eyes glued to this Ultrabook which looks impressive in looks and features and above all, the Ultrabook is so light to carry around.

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