New 2 GHz dual core Galaxy Tab in MWC 2012

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New 2 GHz dual core Galaxy Tab in MWC 2012

Ever since Samsung’s Galaxy series handsets started to appear, people also started expecting more from them and Samsung didn’t flinch to provide more, eventually even developing Samsung Galaxy SII – iPhone’s toughest rival.

With the immense success of Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone, Samsung also decided that something more powerful would be more appreciated. Soon Samsung followers started looking out for the latest Galaxy smartphone rumoured to be under development.

Nick named as the iPhone Killer, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is much anticipated to make an appearance in the Mobile World Congress, which would be held next month. Even among this much expectations, there are still a lot of people who haven’t forgotten about the Samsung Galaxy series tablets.

Apparently, Samsung followers now have good news. Although it is not known whether Samsung Galaxy SIII will be displayed at MWC, it is pretty much very likely that Samsung would showcase the latest member of the Galaxy line up of tablets.

At CES 2012, this year, some people got the opportunity to get their hands on a Samsung tablet like device, which they believe might just be a prototype model of a new Galaxy tablet, based on facts like the great speed and performance of the tablet.

This tablet is said to be powered by a powerhouse of a processor – Exynos 5250. The Exynos 5250 will come in a Cortex A-15 Chipset. Obviously this new Galaxy tablet would also sport a more powerful Graphics processing Unit as well, and many believe it to be Mali GPU.

There are a lot of rumours which claim that Samsung’s new tablet will have an 11.6 inch display. Based on these rumours, the new Galaxy tablet is referred as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 with Exynos 5250 processor.

There are many at the forefront when it comes to demanding a new Galaxy Tablet with an 11.6 inch display. And this seems to be Samsung’s style. Samsung always brought Galaxy tab successors of previous models with changes and modifications in just displays, resolution and cameras.

One other cool feature that the 2 GHz Galaxy Tab 11.6” is sure to have is 32 nm High-K Metal Gate which is a low power technology that can improve the battery life and reduce the battery power consumption of the tablet. It has been recently reported that Samsung is almost done manufacturing a prototype of the 2 GHz Galaxy tab 11.6. So hopefully it will be displayed at the MWC next month.


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