10 Common Computer Myths You Should Know

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Every new technology comes attached with myths to it, and it is no different with PC and laptops. We have seen computers for a quite long time, but myths are still around with them. While some of the myths have been around for years.

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We have busted some of the biggest myths that computers holds so far. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

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Don't Defragment Your Drive Frequently

The modern Windows computers come with built-in defragmentation utility that automatically runs in the background on a pre-defined schedule. Meanwhile, many modern computers are now shipping with SSD or flash storage, which ruins if you defragment.

Virus Don't Slow Down Your Computer

Many believe that viruses, malware and spyware is the reason for slowdown of the PC. Well, it is always possibility that computers are infected, but you will not notice any performance decreases for getting infected. Instead, computer slowdown due to running too many programs at a same time, and installing unnecessary plugins and add-ons as well as lack of free RAM or disk space.

Cleaner Software Improves Performance

There are many third party softwares that are said to clean all the junk files, but these are never needed. Removing registry entries will get very little space that won't improve any performance.

You Don’t Need Antivirus Software

You always need an Antivirus software to protect your computer, whether you are using Mac or Windows.

Turing On and Off Frequently is Bad

You should turn your computer off fro time to time. Well, if there is no need for it switch off the computer. However, every computer has a limited life span, if you keep the computer on even while not needed is really bad.

Erase Data Using Magnet

Some suggest to use a magnet to completely erase your data. But, with the modern HDD or flash storage devices, a magnet is rather ineffective way to destroy all the data.

Macs Are Better Than PCs

Macs are also computers, but runs on OS X rather than Windows or Linux. However, it is impossible to say that they are better than Windows PC.


There are much speculation about online vulnerabilities when it comes to browsers. Well, web browsers are just an application to get things done over internet.

More Cores And RAM

Adding more cores and RAM will actually work a little more efficiently, but won't makes it super-fast.

Building Your Own PC Saves Money

This was actually true for few years back. But today, you can buy a budget PC as a pre-build model.

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