AMD Instinct MI200 Server Accelerator Series With Multi-Chip Module Announced


AMD has been almost everywhere for the last few years. From gaming consoles to laptops, and high-performance CPU and GPUs. Now, the company has officially launched the AMD Instinct MI200 Accelerator Series for servers, which takes server GPU performance to the next level using multi-die GPU technology.

AMD Instinct MI200 Server Accelerator Series Announced

The AMD Instinct MI200 is based on the latest AMD CDNA 2 architecture and the Instinct MI200 is currently the flagship offering from the company, which is said to be the most powerful server-grade GPU ever. With the Instinct MI200 series of accelerators, the company is offering first-of-its-kind technologies like multi-die GPU.

The Instinct MI200 is based on TSMC's N6 fabrication processor and it is also the first product from AMD to use this manufacturing process. A single die on the Instinct MI200 has over 29 billion transistors, which consists of 112 compute units or four compute engines, combined with four HBM2E memory controllers along with 8 infinity fabric links.

The highlight of the AMD Instinct MI200 is the fact that it uses two chipsets on a single CPU and the company calls it a multi-chip module (MCM) configuration, which are connected with one another using four infinity fabric links.

At today's event, AMD has unveiled the Instinct MI250X, which is the most powerful of the lot along with Instinct MI250 and the MI210 PCIe. As of now, there isn't much information about the Instinct MI210 PCIe.

AMD Instinct MI200 Server Accelerator Series Announced

AMD Instinct MI250X Specifications

The AMD Instinct MI250X comes with a total of 220 compute units, where, each die has 110 compute units. Besides, the GPU has a total of 14,080 ALUs/Stream Processors with a boost clock speed of 1.7GHz, capable of offering up to 47.9 TFLOPS performance on FP32 or FP64 vector throughput.


AMD Instinct MI250 Specifications

The Instinct MI250 has a total of 208 compute units (104 on each die) with the same 1.7GHz clock speed. It does lack features like coherency support, which does decrease the total bandwidth of the accelerator when compared to the Instinct MI250X.

Both accelerators offer 8 stacks of HBM2E memory with a clock speed of 3.2Gbps, where, each die will get 4 stacks of memory offering a total memory bandwidth of 3.2TB/second or 1.6TB/second for each die. Where a single HBM2E has 16GB of memory with a total memory of 128GB.

With a TDP rated at 560W for a single accelerator. This means a single configuration, consisting of 8 accelerators will easily require over 5000W of power.

AMD Instinct MI200 Server Accelerator Series Announced

AMD Instinct MI250X, MI250 Availability

The company started to ship the AMD Instinct MI250X and the MI250 back in Q3 2021, where, it has already received a big order from the US Department of Energy. The Instinct MI210 PICe will be available from OEM partners like Asus, Gigabyte, Dell, Lenovo, and more very soon.

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