Intel ARC Pro GPUs For Desktops And Laptops Announced And These Are Not Meant For Gaming


Intel has officially launched a new range of desktop and laptop GPUs -- the Intel ARC Pro. The new lineup of high-end graphics contains three new GPUs -- the Intel ARC Pro 50, Intel ARC Pro 40, and the Intel ARC Pro 30M. Here are all the features and specifications of the newest graphics cards from Intel which are meant to be used by enterprises.

Intel ARC Pro GPUs For Desktops And Laptops Announced

Intel ARC Pro 50 and the ARC Pro 40 will have four mini-DP 1.4 with support for audio support. Similarly, the ARC Pro 30M can support up to four laptop-specific output ports. All these GPUs use PCIe Gen 4.0 x8 interface and don't require any external power supply.

As per the video output, the Intel ARC Pro 50, ARC Pro 40, and the ARC Pro 30M can support up to two 8K displays, two 5K displays, or four 4K displays. They also support all the modern APIs such as DXR Ray-tracing, DirectX II Ultimate, Vulkan, and OpenCL. There is also industry-first AV1 hardware encoding acceleration support.

Intel ARC Pro 50

The Intel ARC Pro 50 is currently the flagship workstation grade GPU from the company and it is based on the full ACM-G11 GPU consisting of eight Xe-Cores, 128 EUs, and 1024 ALUs. The GPU will have a clock speed of 2GHz with a TGP of 75W. In terms of memory, the ARC Pro 50 offers 6GB of GDDR6 video memory with 16Gbps speed and 192 GB/s memory bandwidth.

Intel ARC Pro 40

The Intel ARC Pro 40 is almost similar to the Intel ARC Pro 50 and uses the same ACM-G11 GPU. This graphics card has a slightly lower TGP of 50W and still offers 6GB of video memory. The ARC Pro 40 can offer a peak graphical performance of 3.50 TFLOPs at Single Precision, while the ARC Pro 50 can offer up to 4.80 TFLOPs of performance.


Intel ARC Pro 30M

As the name suggests, the Intel ARC Pro 30M is a mobile solution, capable of offering 3.50 TFLOPs of performance. Just like the rest of the lineup, it also has eight ray-tracing cores. Regarding video memory, the ARC Pro 30M offers 4GB of GDDR6 video memory and a variable TGP of 35-50W.

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