Intel Core i9-13900KS Performance Numbers Leaked: Faster Than Ryzen 9 7950X?


Intel officially announced its 13th Gen Intel Core series of processors a couple of hours ago. The new lineup includes the Core i9-13900K, which is currently the flagship offering from the company. However, we all know that a speed binned version of this CPU -- the Intel Core i9-13900KS is in the offing, and the same has been spotted on CPU-Z.

Intel Core i9-13900KS Performance Numbers Leaked

According to the CPU-Z benchmark leak, the Intel Core i9-13900KS has posted 982.5 points on single-thread and 18453.4 points on the CPU-Z multi-thread benchmark test. As per the leaked numbers, the Intel Core i9-13900KS is definitely more powerful than the Ryzen 9 7900X that we recently reviewed, which scored 789, and 11869 on single-thread and multi-thread CPU-Z benchmark tests.

The CPU-Z listing also suggests that the Intel Core i9-13900KS will have 32-cores, and we believe it will have a hybrid CPU architecture with a combination of P-cores and E-cores. As per the leaks, the Intel Core i9-13900KS not only has extra cores but the CPU is also expected to have a clock speed of 6GHz in the turbo boost mode, albeit, at an expense of a higher TDP, so, one might need a more powerful PSU.

However, when we compare it to the more expensive Ryzen 9 7950X, the Intel Core i9-13900KS seems to be faster than the Ryzen's flagship offering in both single-thread and multi-thread performance. FYI, the Ryzen 9 7950X has posted 787 and 15824 points on CPU-Z single-thread and multi-thread tests.

Most Powerful Gaming Processor Incoming?

If the leaked numbers are indeed true, then the Intel Core i9-13900KS could easily become the world's most powerful gaming processor. Not just that, the CPU is also expected to outperform the Ryzen 9 7950X in multi-threaded workloads, which should make this a capable CPU even better for non-gaming workloads.

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