New ransomware attack hits 100 countries in one day

The massive scale attack, which spread across the world, has infected computers in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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2016 was an interesting year for all things cyber. Why? Well, it was the year that brought major cyber breaches with many top companies falling victim to the cyber criminals.

New ransomware attack hits 100 countries in one day

And in 2017 while the technology has advanced and security has improved, it seems determined hackers or cyber criminals just find some way to breach through these safeguards. Small, medium and large companies, organizations, and even the general public are not quite safe.

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And just as we say this, a large-scale cyber attack in the form of ransomware has hit several countries. The attack carried out on a global scale has infected computers in the US, Europe, and Asia. Moreover, reports indicate that the attack was carried out using tools stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency. Earlier hackers belonging to a group called"The Shadow Brokers" had claimed to have stolen the tools from the NSA and released them online.

And now cyber criminals seem to have got hold of the said tools and using it have deceptively added malicious malware to attachments in emails that basically contained invoices, job offers, security warnings and other legitimate files. Thus this malware has locked the computers across the globe and the attackers behind the act are demanding a payment of $300 in Bitcoin to restore access.

According to reports, people who were infected received a warning message as well and it stated that the ransom would supposedly rise with time and the files would be eventually deleted.

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After such massive attack, various security firms have now identified the malware as a variant of WannaCry. And this ransomware worm seems to have been used to encrypt data on the computers, and further demand payments to restore access. Meanwhile, firms are working extensively on fixing this issue.

In any case, after this major incident, it is always a reminder that firms now more than ever need to be savvy and fluent in cyber security risks, as well as prevention methods to ensure the safety of their data. More importantly, investing in the security of both business and personal data has become a top priority in this digital era.

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