NVIDIA Atlan SoC's Blueprint Leaked Online: Likely To Power Next-Gen Smart Cars


NVIDIA is a brand known for high-performance GPUs. However, every once in a while, the brand has made SOCs for products like hand-held gaming consoles and IoT devices. The company is likely to launch its latest SoC -- NVIDIA Atlan, which is likely to power the next-generation smart cars.


NVIDIA Atlan SoC's Blueprint Leaked Online: Likely To Power Smart Cars

Now, the NVIDIA Atlan's blueprint picture has leaked online, which showcases the mapping of the various components of the processor, such as CPU, GPU, security engine, memory lane, and more. It is speculated that Atlan SoC will feature Ampere-Next GPU and Grace-Next CPU.

According to the blueprint, the NVIDIA Atlan is also said to carry a chip called Bluefield, which is touted to be a DPU or data processing unit. The processor is said to have 12 CPU cores. As of now, there is no information on the number of GPU cores available on the NVIDIA Atlan SoC.

It is speculated that the company will make an announcement regarding the NVIDIA Atlan at the GTC 2021 conference, which is bound to happen today. If we are lucky, we might also get to see some of the products and prototypes powered by the NVIDIA Atlan SoC.

Though we don't know much about an SoC tailormade for the automobile industry, going by the track record, the company has made some of the most powerful SoCs like the NVIDIA Tegra (at the time of launch), hence, the NVIDIA Atlan is expected to offer the best features when compared to other automobiles SoCs.

As more and more manufacturers are making smart cars and other electric vehicles, capable of offering features like autopilot, and auto lane switching, and more, these vehicles now need faster processors than ever before, capable of doing billions of calculations in a fraction of a second.


Take an example of a Tesla car, which is one of the first mainstream cars with features like autopilot, which takes data from various sensors and cameras located across the vehicle to offer a good riding experience and also to reduce collisions, offering peace of mind to the driver. As cars get more smart, brands like NVIDIA, with a lot of expertise in the data processing SoCs will get into the business of making chipsets for automobiles.


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