WannaCry Ransomware locks down 200 computer systems in India

Delhi has seen its first ransomware cyber attack, with employees of Rachna Sagar Private Limited “locked” out of more than 200 computers.

If you recall, WannaCry ransomware had an adverse impact on many businesses and organizations as it affected thousands of electronic systems across the world.

WannaCry Ransomware locks down 200 computer systems in India

The WannaCry ransomware program basically locked many users out of their computer and the criminals behind the cyber attack demanded a ransom to be paid in BitCoin to return access. While many were affected across the globe, the attacks have somewhat reduced dramatically.

On the other hand, India has been among the many affected countries. But the attack was limited to few states which included Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and West Bengal. However, it seems that the attack has made its way to a new state now.

According to a report by Indian Express, over 200 computers have now been affected at Rachna Sagar Private Limited which is a publishing firm in Delhi. The report notes that the attack was first initiated on August 9 when the company's staff found that they were unable to log into their user accounts, and could only use the "demo" account. On investigation, the company found out that hackers had entered their system and they had also posted a message demanding a ransom between $800 to $1000 in bitcoin.

Employees at the publishing company reportedly used an accounting software called "Busy" for work. Moreover, each employee had two accounts for accounting transactions - live account and a demo mode one. Users generally used the live mode to conduct business. After the hack, employees said that they could access only the demo mode and that they have been unable to conduct business transactions.

As for the Police, their sources have stated that it is difficult to track the hackers as they hacked into the computer systems using a proxy network.

The company's General Manager has stated, "This morning, when we started our work and opened Busy software, we received a text message which said our files are encrypted. The message said we have to pay money to enable decryption of our files (sic)."

"The hackers have locked out their data since April. Employees have not been able to conduct any business since the day of the cyber attack. Their billing process has been delayed and they are even scared to use net banking as they fear online payment systems may be compromised," said the source while talking to Indian Express.

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